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a new beginning

Posted by Markus Raty on July 31, 2006

Alrighty. It is time to take finnophile online. With the ever increasing bombardment of spam and my general eschewal of sending out bulk emails with any kind of regularity, it is time to leave the stone age of technology behind.

Alrighty. It is time to take finnophile online. With the ever increasing bombardment of spam in peoples’ inboxes and my general eschewal for sending out bilk emails with any kind of regularity, it is tome to leave the stone age of technology behind

It’s interesting; I have always considered myself an early-adopter when it came to newfangled technology, yet i am only commencing my ’blogging career’ in mid-2006, some three years after its entrance on the mainstage. Apropos perhaps, as I still also purchase CDs and string cable around the house to get the Net to follow me around.

The real reason for the transition is simple: I want to share the world of Finnishness with you on a daily basis, not weekly or bi-monthly or whatever. There are always exciting stories to tell, links to forward and pictures to post. The world needs a dose of Finnishness more often than finnophile could provide via email. This will allow y’all to check in more often, spread the word more easily and rid of your inbox of at least one bulk-mail…although I will still fire off the occasional group-email with event annoucements and the like.

There will be lots of interesting (i hope) stuff here, both Finn and non-Finn so you are encouraged to invite others to have a peek. Ok, let’s see how this posting thing works..

Cheers, Markus


10 Responses to “a new beginning”

  1. TryingtobeFinn said

    I’ve bookmarked your blogsite and look forward to keeping in touch with all things remotely “Finnish”.

    If you have any connections to Finnish happenings North of the City, would appreciate hearing. I’m in Barrie.

  2. Nina H said


    Not that I minded the e-mails, but I’m gald to see this forum move to blog format…

    As for starting with a comment on the weather… Why do I find it’s something the Finnis love to talk about? Every time a call is made to a relative in Finland, the first question is not, “How are you?” but “What’s the weather like?” And the response is nearly always, “It’s the same here.”

    Well, with the exception of this August 1 day…


  3. djskip said

    when do we start the bowling night?

  4. Carmen said

    Hello from Finland

    Someone has spread the word in my direction about your blog. Consider it bookmarked! It’ll be nice to read the view from over there.


  5. Riitta said

    Just a quick note to thank you for all the previous emails re FINNISH GOINGS ON !!! about town..look forward to your new blog!!its nice to have are roots somewhat in touch ! just a quick enquiry-what is up with the DUDESONS and does anyone know where I can get an I LOVE SUOMI t-shirt, besides Helsinki …

  6. djskip said

    yeah, i linked up the finnophile site as well. if you are able, everyone should!
    the dudesons were hilarious on Kimmel last week! waiting for the dVd to end up in a bargain bin b4 i add it to the “library of finnishness”.
    try the FINNISH PLACE for those shirts!

  7. Paula said

    Hey All,

    Nice plan with the blog new to it myself. For T-shirts Finnish place is a good start. Got a really good one from the Finnish booth at the CNE 2 years ago, Said I Love (with a heart) Finland I think? The American’s have really good Luv Finland stuff check out Touch of Finland website. Thanks for the efforts to keep us all connected! Looking forward to keeping in the loop.

  8. Riitta said

    thx luck there though,and Finnish Place does not carry the exact one you are describing..with heart…if anyone else has any ideas/suggestions pls let me know ,,,

  9. Lily said

    Let me know what kinda t-shirt you want and I can design one for you…”custom made”!


  10. Riitta said

    i (with heart) Finland…. mr email is … pls write and let me know the logistics… thx Lily

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