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Finnish flavour at TIFF

Posted by Markus Raty on August 28, 2006

Finn films at Toronto International Film Festival

Although I am not what you would call a “movie buff”, I do recognize and appreciate that intelligent international films play an important role in developing cultural awareness and contribute to public discourse on a nation’s place in society, insofar as artistic and creative output is concerned. (run-on sentence?)

We (the collective of at least moderately interested movie-goers) have come to expect some Finnish flavour at Toronto’s world-reknowned film festival. Last year it was Mother of Mine by Klaus Haro, which was the runner-up for the audience-voted favourite film prize. A couple of years ago Aki Kaurismaki’s The Man Without a Past stirred theatre crowds with its wrenching tale. And if I was a real buff I’m sure I could come up with a few others from years past.

This year the film festival will feature three (at least partially) Finnish works. Jade Warrior, a Finnish-Chinese co-production, will make its World Premiere, The Zone of Total Eclipse by Mika Taanila, part of Wavelengths 5 and also a World Premiere and Aki Kaurismaki’s most recent work, Lights in the Dusk.

Jade Warrior in particular seems to be garnering a lot of pre-festival pub and is hotly anticipated. The film combines Chinese and Finnish mythologies and travels in time from ancient China to modern-day Finland. Sounds interesting..

I’ll post more info as I come across it but check out the Finnish Film Foundation and the festival website for more info. Of course, as of right now the Finnish Film Foundation doesnt have any info on the Kaurismaki and China-FInn films..figures. The festival is still over a week away, who would want to know now anyway?

Tickets go on sale soon and usually move fast so get on your horses! 


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