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The Finnish SISU needs you!

Posted by Markus Raty on August 30, 2006

Finnish hockey team looking for elite players for CMHL tournament


Last year the inaugural championship tournament of the Canadian Multicultural Hockey League took place in Toronto. It featured sixteen teams of various etnicities battle it out for three days for the Canadian Cup. The Irish Shamrocks, loaded with ex-NHL and other pro and junior-level talent, beat a skilled but undermanned First Nations Thunderbirds squad for the title. The tournament proved to be a great success (with the trophy and jerseys on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame) and even greater expectations await this year’s tournament.

The Finnish SISU, the first team to sign on in the new league, has its work cut out for it. After an impressive debut that saw them finally bow out to the Korean Tigers in the consolation semi-finals, the SISU look to add depth to their roster for the coming season.

As the General Manager of the team, it is my job to work myself out of a position on the ice. You see, I am a decent hockey player, a grinder as we are called, and I can keep up with the best of them on occasion. But this is a different kettle of fish and I would dearly love to not have a spot on the team (as much as it pains me to say that).

SO, that’s where you come in, hopefully. The SISU are looking for players. If you are or know of anyone who is a talented hockey player and has even a smidgen of Finnish blood send em my way. We would be looking for players who have Junior A/B/C or better experience. Canadian University, NCAA, East Coast, Colonial, etc..even AAA if they can still play the game at a high level. Of course these are not prerequisites, merely guidelines knowing what the other teams will be bringing to the table.

The tournament is held in Toronto between Christmas and New Year’s and four games are guaranteed. Leading up to the tourney we will be practicing on occasion and playing in various exhibition games as schedules permit.

Anyone interested should contact Markus Raty immediately at 416-875-6783 or via email at


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