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it ain’t all good news from Finland..

Posted by Markus Raty on August 30, 2006

Finnish shot-putter tests positive for testosterone

Finnish national shot-putting champion Ville Tiisanoja has tested positive for testosterone and will be stripped of his gold medal. Read more on the story here. What is refreshing about this case – amongst the numbing number of sports druggie busts we hear about these days – is Tiisanoja’s candidness once busted. Unlike FLoyd Landis and Justin Gatlin and Marion Jones, just to name a few, Tiisanoja didn’t blame it on booze or special cream the trainer rubbed on his legs or any other cockamamie excuse. He took the heat, admitted to looking for an edge and regretted it.

While even the odd Finn may cheat, (who knew?) it is somewhat comforting that there is still some level of integrity maintained in the process. Or is it?


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