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Check out this great FinnCan band!

Posted by Markus Raty on August 31, 2006

Laura Repo getting ready to heat up Mitzi’s Sister

Okay, this post I’m super pumped about. One of Toronto’s top folk musicians just happens to also be half-Finn. Although Laura Repo has been touring these here parts for some time now, I really just discovered her music at the most recent FinnPower event in North Toronto in April where she performed a few magical pieces (including a masterful rendition of J.Karjalainen’s Kolme Cowboyta).

Repo’s souldful blend of bluesy folk rock with twangs of country sweeps you to another place and another time, away from the constant commotion of Everyday. She is a real treat to listen to and to watch.

And did I mention she’s a Finn-Canuck?

 Repo will be taking the stage at Mitzi’s Sister at 1554 Queen St. West next Tuesday, September 5th @ 9:30pm.

She will be followed on stage by “country swing-a-billy” band Whoa Nellie whose singer Vera Colley is also half-Finnish!

This event is marked Highly Recommended on the ol’ finnophile Scale of Guaranteed Good Times. Check it out..and see you there!


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