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finnphile pubnight 3.2

Posted by Markus Raty on September 21, 2006

Time for a finnophile pubnight

coupla regularsOKAY! i’m sorry. it’s time to get together..physically! meaning let’s get off this site, for a nite, and hook up at old faithful for a coupla coca colas (or whatever may be your beverage of choice).

For those of you new to finnophile pubnights, they are simply that; a gathering of Finns, Finnish-Canadians, their partners, friends and colleagues and any other interested parties therein, for an evening of revelry. We get together at a pub on the subway line and meet, greet and eat. (ok, there aint usually any eating going on but it rhymed so i went with it)

Usually there are anywhere from 50 to 120 people out anytime from 7ish to 1ish to chat and mingle, see old friends and meet new ones.

Always a great crowd and I’m super-pumped to see all of ya again!

So, we’ll meet at the ol’ Finn-friendly Black Swan Tavern on the Danforth next Thursday, Spetember 28th!

what: finnophile pubnight 
where: Black Swan 154 Danforth Ave (@ Broadview Station)
when: 7ish. Thursday, September 28th

check out some pictures from a past pubnight here

Always a fun evening so hopefully many many of you can make it out

any questions, gimme a buzz (416-875-6783)

cheers – markus!


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Floorball season set to begin. You in?

Posted by Markus Raty on September 11, 2006

Toronto Floorball League picks up steam for fourth season

toronto floorball 

You may think this is another sports posting and you’d be right and wrong! It is about sports and much more. Although I do have a penchant for staying active through sports, a by-product of engaging in various physical pursuits is the myriad quality folk you meet along the way.

I stumbled upon floorball almost by accident, by way of covering the inaugural Canada Cup tournament a couple of years ago whilst working for Vapaa Sana. Soon I was playing the sport and one of the engaging young chaps I met was Juha Mikkola, Toronto’s floorball guru. I now have a clutch of floorball friends, and while I am taking this season off (these old knees are crying for a break), I would strongly recommend you to check out the scene if you are looking for a fun way to stay fit.

Floorball is an exciting cross between ice hockey and floor/ball hockey, employing the best of both without the stickwork or contact. It also incorporates elements of basketball and the result is a fun, fast-paced indoor hockey game. It has quickly grown from a grassroots sport in Sweden to the sport of choice in Sweden, Finland (Finnish floorball info), Czech and is now quickly gaining fans in Canada. 

The Toronto league has both competitive and social divisions and is stacked with all manner of Finns, Swedes, Canadians, amongst others all playing and partying together. Another bonus is that the league is fully co-ed with men and women playing together. Or, if you prefer (and are female ;-), there is a women’s division.

AND, it’s cheap. All you need is a stick and sneaks and you’re set to go!

Check out the Toronto Floorball League and Social Scene for more info and to sign up, and for more on floorball itself, surf to Floorball Canada’s site. The league starts soon so don’t delay.

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Nokia takes on Blackberry

Posted by Markus Raty on September 7, 2006

Finnish mobile giant launches potential Blackberry and TREO killer

Canada will be first to receive the new much-hyped Nokia E62, dubbed by tech reporters as a potential Blackberry and TREO killer. The phone (if it can still be called that), is a serious piece of equipment, offering cutting edge wireless Internet, an MP3 player and the usual bells and whistles.

What’s the big deal you say? I guess it really isn’t one except to note that the unit looks a lot like…a Blackberry! Usually one to lead, in this case Nokia, by its own admission is content to follow a design paradigm that works. Kudos to Canada’s RIM.

Read more on the E62 and its launch in today’s Globe and Mail.

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more live music!

Posted by Markus Raty on September 5, 2006

Another local Finnish-Canadian band is hitting the downtown scene this week. This time it is China Jean, a fresh yet familiar sounding rock band, which features Jarkko Ylänkö on guitar.

They will be hitting the stage Lees Palace in the Bloor-Bathurst neighbourhood on Thursday, September 7 at 1015pm so make sure to check them out!

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An emergin soccer threat..?

Posted by Markus Raty on September 5, 2006

It feels like the World Cup just ended, and indeed it did, however qualification for the world’s second largest soccer tournament -the European Championships – is under way.

Finland has never qualified for a soccer tournament of any significance. They have always run up against at least two world-calibre sides in their qualifying groups and hence never advanced.

Could EURO 2008 be their coming out party? Finland opened qualifying with a resounding 3-1 victory over World Cup qualifiers Poland last weekend. This is significant in that, along with heavy group favourites Portugal, Poland is expected to qualify as the second-place team.

Finland now takes on World Cup semi-finalists Portugal on Wednesday in Helsinki. In fact, the game is the lead story on Google (I googled EURO 2008 qualifying) which you can read about here in the International Herald Tribune.

The game will kick-off at 1pm EST (Toronto time) so make sure to schedule your lunch break accordingly. The game will be shown at any of the myriad Portuguese watering holes in the city. One which I can highly recommend is the home of Team Portugal, the Cervejaria on College (aka College Street Bar and Grill). 842 College St. Good food. 

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