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Nokia takes on Blackberry

Posted by Markus Raty on September 7, 2006

Finnish mobile giant launches potential Blackberry and TREO killer

Canada will be first to receive the new much-hyped Nokia E62, dubbed by tech reporters as a potential Blackberry and TREO killer. The phone (if it can still be called that), is a serious piece of equipment, offering cutting edge wireless Internet, an MP3 player and the usual bells and whistles.

What’s the big deal you say? I guess it really isn’t one except to note that the unit looks a lot like…a Blackberry! Usually one to lead, in this case Nokia, by its own admission is content to follow a design paradigm that works. Kudos to Canada’s RIM.

Read more on the E62 and its launch in today’s Globe and Mail.


4 Responses to “Nokia takes on Blackberry”

  1. Maija said

    Good job Nokia! I just got back from Finland, where a cell phone throwing contest was recently held. Points for distance and style. Only in Finland…

  2. djskip said

    is there a connection between this story and this one?

    Finland Producing High Levels of Hazardous Waste
    Published 05.09.2006, 16.04 (updated 05.09.2006, 21.22)

    Hazardous or problematic waste reached record levels in 2004, at about 2.3 million tonnes. The amount is quite high compared to other countries, according to Statistics Finland.
    The majority of the hazardous material is from metal refinement or mineral waste from excavation or construction.

    In the early 1980s, less than 200,000 tonnes of hazardous waste were produced each year.

    In total, about 66 million tonnes of waste were produced in Finland in 2004. About 3 million tonnes of that was household and facility waste.
    YLE24, Finnish News Agency

  3. Markus said

    not sure what metal refinement and mineral waste from excavation and construction have to do with making a bad-ass cellphone…maybe indirectly..theyve probably had to expand their nokia R&D plant which would require some construction…but otherwise, the units themselves are made in china..only the R&D happens in Finland.

  4. djskip said

    ah, it was a tad of a stretch but consider for every new cellphone that comes out there is another toxic old one thrown out. btw, new enviro-radio show co-produced by yours truly coming out soon! stay tuned! vats aut!

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