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finnphile pubnight 3.2

Posted by Markus Raty on September 21, 2006

Time for a finnophile pubnight

coupla regularsOKAY! i’m sorry. it’s time to get together..physically! meaning let’s get off this site, for a nite, and hook up at old faithful for a coupla coca colas (or whatever may be your beverage of choice).

For those of you new to finnophile pubnights, they are simply that; a gathering of Finns, Finnish-Canadians, their partners, friends and colleagues and any other interested parties therein, for an evening of revelry. We get together at a pub on the subway line and meet, greet and eat. (ok, there aint usually any eating going on but it rhymed so i went with it)

Usually there are anywhere from 50 to 120 people out anytime from 7ish to 1ish to chat and mingle, see old friends and meet new ones.

Always a great crowd and I’m super-pumped to see all of ya again!

So, we’ll meet at the ol’ Finn-friendly Black Swan Tavern on the Danforth next Thursday, Spetember 28th!

what: finnophile pubnight 
where: Black Swan 154 Danforth Ave (@ Broadview Station)
when: 7ish. Thursday, September 28th

check out some pictures from a past pubnight here

Always a fun evening so hopefully many many of you can make it out

any questions, gimme a buzz (416-875-6783)

cheers – markus!


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