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Back by popular demand!

Posted by Markus Raty on January 8, 2007

Ashes to Ashes back on stage JAN 19th!


Ashes to Ashes, Boom to Bust is the most recent production of the Toronto Theatre Company, an award-winning Finnish-Canadian theatre troupe.

After a sold out premiere,  Ashes to Ashes will be back on stage on
Friday, January 19th
at 8pm at the Toronto Centre for the Arts (North York City Hall, 5040 Yonge Street)

This promises to be a highly entertaining evening; a great opportunity to catch some theatre and meet and greet with finnophilers and others.

TICKETS are $15 and can be purchased online via Ticketmaster HERE or at the door.

Below you can read a preview of the play, directed by renowned Finnish director Janne Suutarinen.

The Frost family is in trouble – running a funeral home is difficult, when there are no clients. People just don’t die often enough. One day Tony walks in through the doors accompanied with two men speaking Italian with blank looks on their faces. Tony is looking for someone to bury his father’s body. Frost sisters get suspicious about this trio and decide to check the content. And what they find in the coffin, is a big surprise!  

Ashes to Ashes, Boom to Bustis a wonderful Finnish comedy with humorous characters and surprising twists spiced with black humour. This Finnish comedy drew great audiences and received outstanding reviews in the respected Tampere Comedy Theatre in Finland. The play will now have its well-reserved world premier in Toronto by the brilliant Toronto Finnish Theatre Company. Janne Suutarinen, young, thriving director from Finland has charged the group with new energy from their home land and created an exciting ensemble of these Finnish-Canadian actors, who will be performing the play in English. You are most welcomed to come and enjoy the show that will keep you laughing to the end. What will happen, when Camilla, an unbreakable business woman, Aurora, her religious and world loving sister, and Harold, their nephew (who likes the liquor better than spending energy in a family business) decide to open the coffin? The content is something they could have never believed to find! All you need is love – but first you need money, eh? Let’s say about two million American dollars… 

About the director
 Finnish Janne Suutarinen is a well established young director from Finland. In his home country he is well known for working in different areas of theatre. He has directed plays, musicals, opera, films, and has acted for many years.  Suutarinen is well known for directing Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?, a classic about a disastrous marriage by Edward Albee. The play was featured at the ‘Tampereen Teatterikesa’, a yearly festival, which features the best Finnish plays. Among other productions with excellent reviews are the strong TV drama Tyttö ja Nyrkkeilija (“Girl and Boxer”), and an opera named Kaappi (“Closet”), which is also Suutarinen’s own script, and a radio play Sohvalla (“On The Couch”), which tells about therapists’ own problems. In spring 2006 Suutarinen took part in Musica nova Helsinki -festival where hi directed a spectacle musical called A-A-America! involving 60 singers and a full symphony orchestra. Just before arriving to Toronto Suutarinen directed his premier of Medea in Helsinki, a melodrama by Jiri Anton Benda. Suutarinen’s most important acting role is Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. In a predominantly Finnish language theatre scene in Finland, Suutarinen was looking for experience directing English plays and discovered the Toronto Finnish Theatre Company. His future plan is to continue directing outside of Finland.  About Toronto Finnish Theatre Company Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. is celebrating its 75th anniversary next year! Over the years it has been performing mostly to Finnish audiences. Past few years plays have also been presented in English, which has given the group the opportunity to participate in ACT-CO’s (Association of Community Theatres of Central Ontario) theatre festivals. Some years ago TFTC received a Thea Award for the best drama. This year’s success came when Sorry, Wrong Planet won the best short film award at the Canadian Filmmakers’ Festival. The major roles in the film are manned by theatre’s actors. Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. is proud to have the English world premiere of Ashes to Ashes, Boom to Bust in Toronto and welcomes you to the experience! 


4 Responses to “Back by popular demand!”

  1. Panu Raipia said

    Hieno esittely näytelmästä. Toivottavasti katsojia tulee paljon. Hyvää loppuvuotta kaikille. Tutuille terveisiä.
    Terveisin: Panu Raipia
    P.s. Olisi hienoa, jos ko. näytelmän kirjailijoiden nimet mainittaisiin esitteissä ja muutenkin näytelmän yhteydessä.

  2. M.Suomalainen said

    Above sale ends on February 6, 2007

  3. ticket code

    Great Point, Excellent Post, Great Blog, Cool Info

  4. Adriana said

    There haven’t been any posts for ages and ages!!! Markus, are you still out there???

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