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Finnophile is back!

Posted by Markus Raty on November 24, 2009

Finnophile is back!
It’s been a good two years since we last made merry with a group of our fellow Finnophilers and now due to a tidal wave of demand WE’RE BACK! Join us for our relaunch and Pikkujoulu (Little Christmas) celebration at finnophile’s resident watering hole The Black Swan!

The important information:
what: Finnophile – Pikkujoulu “Re-Launch” Pubnight!
when: Thursday December 10th, 2009 7:30 pm – ?
where: The Black Swan 154 Danforth Avenue, Toronto M4K 1N1

Prepare for a night of Christmas cheer with snacks, door prizes and a little holiday goodness. The Black Swan is just steps from Broadview subway station, with “Green P” parking right out back. Potluck snacks & door prizes are welcome, just let us know what you are bringing!

The news:
In an effort to continue “expanding the parameters of finnishness” finnophile is pleased to announce a year of events to keep us in the Finnish spirit. Keep your eyes on your email for these upcoming finnophile events:
Laskiainen – Winter Fun Day
St. Urho’s Day – A little green and purple goodness
Vappu – May Day
Juhannus – Midsummer Night
Pikkujoulu – Little Christmas

Spread the word:
We are working with a fairly old email list of previous participants. Please forward this email to anyone you think should know about this event and remind them to sign up by sending us an email at

The world wide web:
Join us on facebook or visit us at

The events:
We want your events! If you know of an upcoming event that will “expand the paremeters of finnishness” of your fellow finnophilers. Drop us a line and we’ll add it to our email.

Like to help?
Here at finnophile we’d love have you toss us your ideas for venue’s, event ideas and even lend a helping hand. Drop us a line at this email.

Hope to see you there!
The Finnophile crew!


3 Responses to “Finnophile is back!”

  1. Don Hill said

    Why bother with this website if you continue to use Facebook??

  2. Lauri said

    My question exactly. We need a vibrant “place” where all can and will go to connect. The Finnophile on Facebook looks good.

    • markusraty said

      Hi Finnophilers

      We have found that there are some folks who don’t use facebook and we don’t want to limit our attendance. The more the merrier!

      The Finnophile Crew

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