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About me

Life is too short not to be FinnishTime to talk about myself in the third person for a second. 

As the product of Finnish immigrants who both cherished their heritage and embraced their new country, Markus Raty has been raised at the intersection of two beautiful cultures.  In fact, one of his lifelong passions is to introduce and promote Finnishness to Canadians and indeed, Canadiana to Finns.  

After graduating from the University of Toronto’s Management and Economics program, and a four-year stint in banking at State Street Trust Company, Raty landed at the helm of Vapaa Sana Press Ltd., Canada’s septuagenarian Finnish newspaper. His three years as Vapaa Sana’s General Manager have bestowed him with tremendous insight into the intricate mosaic of Canada’s Finnish community.  

Raty’s decade-long involvement in the Finnish community has been varied. He has served as a Director of the Finnish Credit Union Ltd. (Osuuspankki) for the past four years including a one-year term as Chair of the Board, and spent five years on the Board of the Canada Finland Chamber of Commerce. He is also currently the Chair of the Youth Committee of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament.

On a lighter note he has also represented Canada at the Wife-Carrying World Championships in Finland, garnering significant positive, albeit light-hearted, publicity for Finland in the process. Locally, he runs and plays on two Finnish-Canadian hockey teams; the Finnishers and the Finnish Sisu of the Canadian Multicultural Hockey League.

Markus resides in Toronto, Canada.



7 Responses to “About me”

  1. W. Yrjölä said

    Finnish Fashion

    For those who wish to view the latest styles in Helsinki, visit

  2. Dave said

    Don’t forget to mention the upcoming Finland Euro qualifying game against Poland on Sept 2nd! 🙂

    i gotta figure out how to watch it myself.

  3. Tanja said

    Hi there
    is there anything new for this summer for families? thanks

  4. riitta said

    wondering the same thing – anything up and coming

  5. dj skip said

    me too! what IS going on?

  6. Don said

    Markus,where are youuuu?????

  7. tanja said

    is this thing on????? halloooo anyone around?

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