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the dudesons

Posted by Markus Raty on August 3, 2006

And now for something from the lighter side… 

Those of you who know me personally will be able to directly relate to this post. Growing up (which it seems i’m still in the midst of doing) I had a penchant for performing silly stunts, often inflicting copious amounts of pain and suffering upon myself. The reason you ask? How does the saying go; for shits and giggles I suppose. To this day I am still a bit of an adreneline junkie and get many of my kicks jumping off cliffs, climbing rock faces and hurling myself into dense snow-covered forests with a wooden board attached to my feet.

With this bit of background (merely a thin slice of the whole) you will appreciate the glee I felt when I stumbled across The Dudesons late one night a couple of weeks ago while watching The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Think Jackass on steroids with heavy Finnish accents. Now some will say Jackass came first but these guys have been performing in Finland for over 10 years and have now hit the main stage. In any case, check them out for yourself:

p.s. to answer one of the Q’s in the comments section, they have “I Love Suomi” tshirts for sale on the site…albeit overpriced. But talk to Lily, she’ll design ’em for all of us.


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