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Floorball season set to begin. You in?

Posted by Markus Raty on September 11, 2006

Toronto Floorball League picks up steam for fourth season

toronto floorball 

You may think this is another sports posting and you’d be right and wrong! It is about sports and much more. Although I do have a penchant for staying active through sports, a by-product of engaging in various physical pursuits is the myriad quality folk you meet along the way.

I stumbled upon floorball almost by accident, by way of covering the inaugural Canada Cup tournament a couple of years ago whilst working for Vapaa Sana. Soon I was playing the sport and one of the engaging young chaps I met was Juha Mikkola, Toronto’s floorball guru. I now have a clutch of floorball friends, and while I am taking this season off (these old knees are crying for a break), I would strongly recommend you to check out the scene if you are looking for a fun way to stay fit.

Floorball is an exciting cross between ice hockey and floor/ball hockey, employing the best of both without the stickwork or contact. It also incorporates elements of basketball and the result is a fun, fast-paced indoor hockey game. It has quickly grown from a grassroots sport in Sweden to the sport of choice in Sweden, Finland (Finnish floorball info), Czech and is now quickly gaining fans in Canada. 

The Toronto league has both competitive and social divisions and is stacked with all manner of Finns, Swedes, Canadians, amongst others all playing and partying together. Another bonus is that the league is fully co-ed with men and women playing together. Or, if you prefer (and are female ;-), there is a women’s division.

AND, it’s cheap. All you need is a stick and sneaks and you’re set to go!

Check out the Toronto Floorball League and Social Scene for more info and to sign up, and for more on floorball itself, surf to Floorball Canada’s site. The league starts soon so don’t delay.


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more live music!

Posted by Markus Raty on September 5, 2006

Another local Finnish-Canadian band is hitting the downtown scene this week. This time it is China Jean, a fresh yet familiar sounding rock band, which features Jarkko Ylänkö on guitar.

They will be hitting the stage Lees Palace in the Bloor-Bathurst neighbourhood on Thursday, September 7 at 1015pm so make sure to check them out!

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Check out this great FinnCan band!

Posted by Markus Raty on August 31, 2006

Laura Repo getting ready to heat up Mitzi’s Sister

Okay, this post I’m super pumped about. One of Toronto’s top folk musicians just happens to also be half-Finn. Although Laura Repo has been touring these here parts for some time now, I really just discovered her music at the most recent FinnPower event in North Toronto in April where she performed a few magical pieces (including a masterful rendition of J.Karjalainen’s Kolme Cowboyta).

Repo’s souldful blend of bluesy folk rock with twangs of country sweeps you to another place and another time, away from the constant commotion of Everyday. She is a real treat to listen to and to watch.

And did I mention she’s a Finn-Canuck?

 Repo will be taking the stage at Mitzi’s Sister at 1554 Queen St. West next Tuesday, September 5th @ 9:30pm.

She will be followed on stage by “country swing-a-billy” band Whoa Nellie whose singer Vera Colley is also half-Finnish!

This event is marked Highly Recommended on the ol’ finnophile Scale of Guaranteed Good Times. Check it out..and see you there!

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Finnish flavour at TIFF

Posted by Markus Raty on August 28, 2006

Finn films at Toronto International Film Festival

Although I am not what you would call a “movie buff”, I do recognize and appreciate that intelligent international films play an important role in developing cultural awareness and contribute to public discourse on a nation’s place in society, insofar as artistic and creative output is concerned. (run-on sentence?)

We (the collective of at least moderately interested movie-goers) have come to expect some Finnish flavour at Toronto’s world-reknowned film festival. Last year it was Mother of Mine by Klaus Haro, which was the runner-up for the audience-voted favourite film prize. A couple of years ago Aki Kaurismaki’s The Man Without a Past stirred theatre crowds with its wrenching tale. And if I was a real buff I’m sure I could come up with a few others from years past.

This year the film festival will feature three (at least partially) Finnish works. Jade Warrior, a Finnish-Chinese co-production, will make its World Premiere, The Zone of Total Eclipse by Mika Taanila, part of Wavelengths 5 and also a World Premiere and Aki Kaurismaki’s most recent work, Lights in the Dusk.

Jade Warrior in particular seems to be garnering a lot of pre-festival pub and is hotly anticipated. The film combines Chinese and Finnish mythologies and travels in time from ancient China to modern-day Finland. Sounds interesting..

I’ll post more info as I come across it but check out the Finnish Film Foundation and the festival website for more info. Of course, as of right now the Finnish Film Foundation doesnt have any info on the Kaurismaki and China-FInn films..figures. The festival is still over a week away, who would want to know now anyway?

Tickets go on sale soon and usually move fast so get on your horses! 

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